TDL Safety Training in Gull Lake Saskatchewan

W.H.M.I.S. 2015

TDL Safety & Training offers the latest Globally Harmonized W.H.M.I.S 2015 certification.

Confined Space Rescue

T.D.G. 2015

Up-to-date training for the transport of dangerous goods.

fall protection

Nearly 20 per cent of all lost time injuries can be attributed to falls in the workplace. 

Ground Disturbance Supervisor Level
Hazard Assessment

OHS First Aid & CPR-AED

TDL Safety & Training offers St. John's Ambulance First Aid programs.

EMR Certification
Fall Protection


Ideal training for those in the Oil & Gas, Water Treatment and Seismic industries.

Hazard assessment

Hazard assessment is the cornerstone of any health and safety management system.

A COMPREHENSIVE selection of industry safety training

Ground Disturbance

Those that disturb the ground need access to consistent, accurate information that will help them minimize the risks

Confined Space

Confined spaces can be very dangerous places unless proper procedures are followed before and during entry.

Transport of Dangerous Goods
WHMIS 2015

E.M.R. Certified course

College of Paramedics Exam Eligible